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[Oct. 19th, 2005|01:23 am]
healthy body mind and spirit



dairy relief- getting 1,250 milligrams of calcium daily from food may reduce your risk for PMS by 30 percent, a study in the archieves of internal medicine suggests.

big gulps
sweetened drinks, fruity beverages and sodas constitute the largest catergory of calories in the american diet, totaling 11percent (about 220 calories) of what young people consume daily, research from the Tufts university in medford, mass, shoes. soda drinkers down about 21 ounces of nondiet versions every day, the caloric equivalent of a side of fries.

cocktail anyone?
people who drink moderate amounts of alchohal may reduce their risk for non-hodgkin's lymphoma, a study in the journal The Lachet Oncology notes. current drinkers had a 27% lower risk for the cancer than non drinkers, but imbibing more alchohal didnt offer better protection. stick to the limit of a single drink per day.


stop and shot
add a flu to your grocery list. starting this month, nurses will adminster the vaccine at supermarkets, pharmacies and malls nationwide ($25, your insurance may cover it) for locations visit www.findaflushot.com

Genetically Hot
here's one gene you'll hope your parents DID pass down; it turns out that hereditary is at least partly responsible for your ability to have an orgasm, according to a study in Biology letters. if mother nature gave you short sexual shrift, take matters into your own hands. Women are more likely to orgasm during masterbation than intercourse, no matter what their dna.